TIME: 2015/01/19 21:43
LATITUDE: 26-58.87N
LONGITUDE: 078-12.86W
BARO: 1017
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Great Sale Cay, Little Bahamas Bank

Oh what a day!…
We’ve had the following issues:
Our “Navigate Mode” on our auto pilot stopped working. With Mike’s help, I think? I’ve hacked and fixed it.
Our 24 Volt Alternators (which were just rebuilt) do not appear to be charging the batteries….ummmm
Our water maker seems to have over flowed into the bilge when the tanks were full instead of coming out the air vent as it usually does….investigating
Good news is that our generator with battery chargers and the solar is picking up the slack….”as designed”.
Other minor misc. stuff.

Last night, I was brushing my teeth and Nikki (who was asleep), screamed! We’ve a RAT! The only open port was our stateroom hatch. Fortunately, (story in the blog to come), I was able to capture him/her in a bucket and out the port light he/she went. About 8″ long plus tail!…. As they can swim, I’m sure it self rescued and climbed up the dock poles awaiting the next unsuspecting “yachtie”. Yet another in a long line of “sea stories”….:-)

Scott and Nikki
Either Spanish Cay or Green Turtle Cay tomorrow….then Hope Town where we should have some internet.

PS: These are being sent in a group of 4….We’re working on some web issues.

TIME: 2015/01/19 01:19
LATITUDE: 26-42.05N
LONGITUDE: 078-59.51W
COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End Grand Bahama

It was a long day. 72 miles from Ft. Lauderdale to the West End here at Grand Bahama.
We made the 7:30 a.m. bridge opening and passed a record 8 cruise ships in Port Everglades.
We got to sail for an hour and overall the conditions were nice. A few bugs, but we’ll get them worked out.

We are using a new satellite email system this season called Iridium GO.
Winlink may not take our position reporting as I cannot do it through their system via Iridium GO. We will still show up on YOTREPS and ShipTrak however.

This is the SAME GROUP of interested parties I put on the position report emails in the past. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THE DIRECT LIST.
Just let us know and I’ll delete you. Please do not think we will be offended. We want what YOU want….:-)

Feel free to drop a note. PLEASE USE OUR REGULAR EMAILS.
Nikki’s gmails will forward to the boat. For me use WDB5638 “at” My beachhouse51 “at” will forward to the boat as well!
Scott and Nikki (en route Hope Town in Grand Abaco (a couple of days away). Tomorrow we hope to make Sale Cay.