TIME: 2015/03/02 20:19
LATITUDE: 19-42.35N
LONGITUDE: 087-30.15W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Cayo Cuelbra – Bahia De La Ascension, Mexico

We had a dinner and supermarket shop in Cozumel. The anchorage was okay, but we could see how it would be quite the roll under
certain circumstances. We left at 7a.m. just as the first of 6 cruise ships was arriving. Apparently, except for Sunday, the cruise ships
now dominate the island.

We motored while hugging the shore to the south west end of the island, then motor sailed or sailed the rest of the way here. Overall, a lovely day!

“Windward” is anchored next to us as they left Puerto Morelos last night at 6 pm! Another Catalina 42, just up from Belize is here as well. This spot
is about as remote a place as I’ve ever been in Mexico!

Scott and Nikki

TIME: 2015/03/01 20:24
LATITUDE: 20-29.44N
LONGITUDE: 086-58.17W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – San Miguel, Cozumel – Mexico

We actually checked out of Mexico in Puerto Moralos, but they give you 48 hours to depart. As such, we decided to take 20 miles off tomorrow’s
journey and come to the famous diving island of Cozumel. It’s very built up since I was here with Cindy in 1996.

We luckily met sister ship Switch 51 #12 (the boat after Beach House) in Puerto Morelos. Peter and Mary aboard “Neko”. It was pretty cool to see yet another boat that looks pretty much – just like us!

Despite the only 20 mile journey, it took 4 1/2 hours to get here due to the very strong 2.5-3 knot current against us. Friends Dennis and Lisette on “Windward” will try and hug the coast to avoid this current as they head toward Bahia de la Ascension where we hope to meet up tomorrow late afternoon.

We’ll take a look around shore if we can find a place for the dinghy and depart here early tomorrow for Bahia de la Ascension en route toward
Belize. We may stop at the Chinchoro Bank just before Belizian waters which is one of only a very few of the true atolls in the Western Hemisphere.
From there, we’ll check in at Ambergris Cay – San Pedro, Belize….At least that’s the plan!…:-)
Scott and Nikki

TIME: 2015/02/24 21:21
LATITUDE: 20-49.80N
LONGITUDE: 086-53.38W
COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

We did a day trip by car to Chichin Izta (Mayan ruins) and a bit of exploring around Cancun
and Isla Mujeres. We’ve now moved 35 miles south to Puerto Morelos and will do a day trip to the Mayan ruins
at Tulum (costal) and Coba (inland) tomorrow.

I’ll try to get the first “TITSNBN” (Cuba) blog out today or tomorrow.
Scott and Nikki – in now HOT, HOT, HOT Mexico