TIME: 2015/02/06 00:30
LATITUDE: 23-11.47N
LONGITUDE: 081-07.62W
COMMENT: Beach House -DOCKED – Marina Gaviota – Varadero, Cuba

The weather ruled out the Cay Sal Bank completely and then…..A funny thing happened on the way to Mexico…

Well, with the Fuel line leak getting worse, the engine kill solenoid on the port engine malfunctioning, the oil temperature sender on the same engine malfunctioning.
AND, a HUGE cold front coming down out of the Midwest. Discretion being the better part of valor, we’ve declared a “pan pan” situation. That is the maritime term for, “we’ve got some problems, but we’re not screaming for assistance” (That would be a Mayday – “help me” in French). Safety of the crew and vessel come first.

We needed to get out of the 30 knot gusts and rain squalls that were just starting when we tied up at the dock. We need to have a stable platform to work on some of the issues. The fuel leak is the most important. After a good rocking around last night while sailing, we noticed a big increase in the leak. It’s a potential fire hazard and the fumes do not make the crew function at their best…:-)
It needs to be dealt with which I will do here. We expect to be here in Varadero for a few days waiting out the weather. We may need to get the repairs done at Marina Hemingway in Havana..
90 miles to our west.

LOTS to tell in the next blog.
Scott and Nikki

TIME: 2015/02/04 17:28
LATITUDE: 24-41.49N
LONGITUDE: 078-34.21W
SPEED: 7.6
COMMENT: Beach House – ABEAM Biliie Island – En Route Anguilla Cay – Cay Sal Bank

We decided to press on as the weather looks good now, but deteriorates in a couple of days.
We will arrive at Anguilla Cay on the Cay Sal Bank tomorrow, early a.m.

It’s flat calm out here on the Great Bahama Bank…so with flat seas and winds expected to arrive on the beam before
dark, we press on… Very strange to see the sea foam green of the shallow water. We’ll travel a 100 miles in waters less than 10 feet deep!
If it was 10 feet shallower. This would be the world’s largest beach!
Scott and Nikki

TIME: 2015/02/03 19:34
LATITUDE: 25-07.61N
LONGITUDE: 078-14.94W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Big Cross Cay, Andros Island – The Adventure Route!

In a straight line, we came 24 miles today. However, due to the reefs and shallows, it was 44 miles overall.
We have a nice feature on Nikki’s Navionics Charts on her IPAD. It gives us depth contours. This was very helpful creeping into our little anchorage here.
It’s pretty flat, 15 knots of wind, expected to build up to 20 tonight, but we’ve a pretty sweet spot at this anchorage. We like to be anchored early enough that if we have to hunt for anchorage, we’ve got daylight to do it. This trip reminds us a bit of “over the top” through the Aboriginal Lands in “OZ”. Lots of lore to tell about in the next blog update.
We’ll head another 25 miles further south tomorrow, then look for the weather window to jump to Anguilla Cays (if possible) in the Cay Sal Bank.
Scott and Nikki