POSITION REPORT – Beach House – Guanaja Island, Bay of Islands, Honduras

TIME: 2016/01/04 00:00
LATITUDE: 16-27.35N
LONGITUDE: 085-52.17W
COMMENT: Beach House – Beach House – ANCHORED – Gunaja Island, Honduras – Bay of Islands

The weather window is a bit interesting. If we\’d continued on, we would have been motoring into light to moderate NEasterlies.
By waiting here, we should have a good Westerly push as the Arctic Cold Front arrives. This should get us most of the way to the
Vivirilos Cays. If we get there fast, we may move on, if not, we\’ll anchor in this very remote area 50 miles or so off the Nicaraguan Coast.

Some chores to do before we\’re off, a good nights sleep and on we go!
Scott and Nikki – Guanaja Island, Bay of Islands, Honduras.