Barbara T

The pictures are beautiful….so happy you are on this journey! Continue on and we’ll see you in LA sometime soon!!! Happy Trails

Kevin and Shannon Young

We continue to enjoy reading about your trip and viewing the photos of your epic adventure. Know that we are thinking about you and wishing you the very best. I love seeing Brisbane – I was a student there at the University of Queensland for a semester abroad 21 years ago. It’s a special city, and they actually like Americans there!

David Allen

Hi Scott great to hear from you today all is well in Oklahoma enjoying your site on this Friday niight take care of yourself. David Allen

Connie Wilson

It has been months since I checked on you guys and the pictures were glorious. Hope you are having fun and not having any boat problems!

david allen

Hello Scott safe trip to you, have a great time

Linda Eckel

Thanks for all the beautiful photos and updates. Safe travels and God bless your journey.

Karen and Anne

Dear BoatBoy, lovely to see and hear from you from the other side of the world. We keep hoping your adventures curve around to our side one of these days. You always have a home port here in Bethel New York with friends who love you. 🙂

chrispin mesima

Welcome to Indonesia…make sure to visit Maurole on the north coast of Flores Island…thank you.
Hi Scott and Nikki. I’m loving your blog. Can’t wait to hear more about Indonesia. Safe sailing….Hugs Di and Peter – svQuickStar


Just checking in to see what’s up there. You’re in beautiful country out there! Think of you often. Hugs, Linky
We so enjoy following you along with your position reports and blog postings. Great fix it job with the reef. Cheers….Di and Peter – at anchor in Fiji waiting for a storm to pass.


Elizabeth and I enjoyed catching up on your travels. What we want to know is if you take on wayward sailor guests looking for a week in paradise. Will cook and trim sails for passage. Will not be responsible for head cleanliness. Be safe Brother.

Arlene Stolnitz

Scott, Your pictures are beautiful! I am enjoying your trip vicariously! Best, Arlene

Kevin and Shannon Young

Wishing you the best from our new home in Nashville, Tennessee. We always enjoy catching up on your epic adventures. I hope you are well and know we are thinking of you!

Linda Eckel

I love reading about your voyages. Thank you for sharing the adventures with all if us. The pictures are amazing. May God bless you on every journey. Until the next time, stay safe. Linda


I love the arm chair travel tour you provide, places I could only dream about visiting. Be safe and ride the winds into many more beautiful sunsets. Blessings for the entire crew for safe sailing.
Punta Gorda, Florida

arlene stolnitz

Hi and my thanks for your wonderful photos and commentary… it’s a marvelous way to experience it vicariously!! arlene

Kevin Young

We are LOVING these photos!! We feel like we are there with you on your epic adventure. Hope you are well and keep living life to the fullest.
Kevin and Shannon Young Nashville, TN


Hi Scott——-Don’t you ever get scared out there?– The ocean is so big-Love reading about your adventurers- Stay safe —-Lots of love–Prairie———


Thanks Prarie! Hope you don’t get scared there in the big city too!……:-)

Howard and Trudy Cooperman

We turned from cruise thru Panama Canal on the Seabourn sojourn. Most exciting .it all works so well as it has been doing for 100 years.
Do read ” the path between the seas” by David McCoullough. The trip included stops in Columbia and San Blass Is.the after the canal the west coast of Costa Rica,Guatemala and several in Mexico including Chiapas . The trip was over the holidays and we had a fabulous time on board with excellent lecturers and entertainment as well as great food and wine. Trudy was in heaven with her nightly double portions of caviar.
Stay well and smooth sailing. Wishes for a wonderful New Years for all.
Trudy and Howard


We saw the Seabourn Soujourn when we arrived two days ago. It came quite close to us en route here from our last stop. Small world… Hugs to you both,

Kevin Young

Great post on the BVI’s, and quite educational as well! I really enjoyed reading about your journey through spots I have actually spent some time. I’m headed to BVI later this year with a group of friends and look forward to a pain killer or two at Soggy Dollar, the Baths, snorkeling the Indians, and going to Anegada. You guys keep living the dream and having fun!

Tom Dall

Great blog!!


Thank You Tom and Kevin!…
More to come. Just learned to Kiteboard in the Turks and Caicos….photos will be posted……reasonably soon!…:-)

arlene stolnitz

congratulations! on this prestigious award!! wouldn’t your dad be proud!
arlene stolnitz

Gary Lee

Congratulations Scott And Nikki! Great award, you folks certainly have earned it.Best regards, Gary Lee Newington, Ct

arlene stolnitz

Went through the Canal 2 years ago on a 650 passenger cruise liner to L.A. Are you telling me the cruise line paid $500,00.00 to go through the lock??Amazing!! Cant wait to see it!

arlene stolnitz

very exciting!!

textClaudia Russi Fischer

Hi Scott – congrats on your circumnavigation ! We will probably never finish ours, as we don’t feel the urge to leave the Pacific region just yet. Hope you’re engine troubles won’t get worse, such a bother if important parts of your boat fail you in out of the way places. Take care and enjoy the Galapagos Islands, even though the officials seem to think, keeping away cruisers will be good for business. Claudia, SY DREAMTIME (Whangarei)


Hi Scott Its me Prairie. Still following you. Its been a hard year for me but doing better.(because of our grandson) I love looking at your photos and reading of your adventures. Be safe. Lots of Love Prairie 🙂

T Serkan Irmak

Nice to hear you again just after long silence 🙂 Greetings from Turkey.

arlene stolnitz

Beautiful and informative… thanks for sending! arlene

Leslie Dennis Rigney

Checking in. Eric just started receiving your “Daily Report” and we read that you’ve departed Bora Bora and are off sailing across the ocean blue. All must be in fine working order now….I’m crossing my fingers for you. Enjoyed looking through your 2016 photos and was so impressed with the lovely images you captured. Great stuff. Under your invitation, I grabbed a few photos to add to our collection of the Moorea puddle jump festivities at Bali Hai. Thanks! We are anxiously awaiting my parents arrival this Sunday…finishing up boat projects and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Hugs to you and Nicki. Leslie P.S. Thank you again for the delicious dinner and exquisite coconut bread. I would love the recipe when you have a moment


Hi you two It was nice meeting you in Savusavu were I talked to you about pressing coconut oil while you were trying to eat a huge pizza. You gave me your card and I have enjoyed reading about your trip and wetre you have visited. Keep it up that is how to live life. Kevin

Diana Young

What a beautiful post dear friend. Hugs from Peter & Diana in Bali