Anacapa Island – Santa Cruz & Santa Rosa Island – Web Info Updates!…..

26 November 2007

Dear F&F,
I\’m catching up slowly, but catching up. We write you sitting here at
beautiful San Diego Yacht Club, in the cool and clear Fall of 2007.

First, some housekeeping. As you know, due to the management of this
site, I have SUBSCRIBED you all to the mailing list. From now on, I
can just send these \”Ships\’ Logs\” to the site and you will be notified
that some fresh reading and photos are ready. Instructions will come
with all future notifications should you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE. As you
can see from the number of \”hits\” our site has gotten, we\’re getting a
bit popular. I have updated the Anacapa – Santa Cruz – Santa Rosa
photo gallery with some additional photos. Next…….Santa Cruz to
Santa Barbara Island and on to Catalina Island………….


Scott and Cindy