Art Stolnitz 80th birthday & the Art Stolnitz Scholarship at the Univ. of Tennessee College of Law

Dear F&F;,

This is a special post that I am writing as today would be my Dad’s 80th
birthday. He would have absolutely loved the places we have been recently. We
miss him and my Mom terribly.

The Grand Bay Hotel in Barra de Navidad and the Tamarindo Resort nearby in
Tenacatita have fabulous golf courses but almost no one playing. Art would
have reserved his “Tee Times” around lunch at the “9th Hole” (as many of you
know). Suzanne would have enjoyed the air conditioning……….

We recently received several letters from students at the University of
Tennessee College of Law thanking Art for his generous contributions to
their tuition. Art believed that the College of Law needed to have a
strong “out of state” student presence so as not to become culturally closed.
He loved Knoxville and considered his relationship with UT one of the best of
his whole life. We’re happy to have created a Photo “Gallery” to show
you some of the heartfelt cards that Art & Suzanne received and continue to
receive every year from thankful students that received the “Art
Stolnitz Law Scholarship”. We were pleased to present an additional gift
to the College of Law last September in San Francisco.

We were in Guanajuato, Mexico on Arts 80th and just couldn’t believe he
wasn’t with us having a glass of Pinot Grigio. So we had one for him.

We all remember Art as a great human being, friend, mentor, father, father-in-law & grandpa.
So here’s to you Art & Suzanne! GO VOLS!………

See the “Gallery” 03 – 2008 – Art Stolnitz Law Scholarship Univ. of Tennessee