Ascension Island to Fernando de Noronha, Braill…..Day 6

Ascension Island to Fernando de Noronha, Braill…..Day 6

June 27th, written the morning of June 28th, 2013 (Western Hemisphere) Time: -1 on GMT

Yesterday was a bit frustrating. The squalls were all around and for the most part they would take the wind away.
The short bursts would get us to put up the spinnaker and then a huge shift would have us heading toward anywhere but where we wanted to go.
So we only sailed about 6 hours yesterday and motored the rest. As soon as Nikki\’s up, we\’ll again set sail as the NEasterly has kicked in and we\’ll
be able to reach across it (we hope) over the last day of this trip.

We did 177 nm yesterday and we\’ve 135 to go. Despite the possible frustration of wind and shifts, we should be in by tomorrow morning.

Other than the rain squalls, clouds and wind shifts, not much to report. That is not necessarily a bad thing…:-)

Nikki uses her IPAD nightly and explores the stars with her star program; she enjoys the night sky.

Scott and Nikki