Back to Cape Town & Repairs……(Winter is Coming!)

Back to Cape Town & Repairs…..(Winter is Coming!)

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April 23rd – May 18th, 2013 (Eastern Hemisphere)

The weather window was really cooperative.  We could have had blasting headwinds but blessedly, we were able to fuel up and motor the 72 hours back to Cape Town.

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Once at the V&A, we assessed the full damage.

The boom was broken or bent in three places.  The back end and bearing, the front yolk and mid support would all have to be replaced.  Parts were ordered from California. The really good news was that Southern Spars, the largest mast manufacturer in the southern hemisphere is in Cape Town and they were actually able to perfectly straighten our mandrel! If necessary, they could have actually made a new one right here.

New and Bent Front Yolks……

New designed mid boom roller guide section, support and repaired mandrel…..
New rear plate and \”outer bearing\”.  This new bearing is much thicker and the welds are on both the inside (not shown) and the back of the plate.  This bearing would not have sheared off!…..

Where you see my fingers are custom cut outs for storing the spare battens in the unused (on our system) hydraulic galleys.

The traveller system was upgraded to a Harken system (made in the USA).  The most critical lack of confidence was of course, the steering system.

Steering:  It took about 5 iterations to completely resolve.  First, it was determined that air in the system is what caused the failure.  Second, Meridian Technologies took over and really went over the system. They made custom pistons for our steering rams and used a \”gas/liquid\” seal.  Not only did the get the steering completely tight (responsive), but they managed to fix the rudder synchronization issue as well. Thank you Denver, Steve and Tony!

Next, the boys from Associated Rigging took over and did a great job of repairing the boom and re-installing it. A new \”Tylaska\” main halyard shackle was installed as well and this eliminates the twist in our 2:1 main halyard completely.  This shackle is twice the strength of the previous one which bent in the \”boom, boom, boom, boom\” debacle.  Thank You Warren, Andre, Wiseman and BJ!

Re-installing the boom with two halyards.  It weigh about 140 kg (300 lbs)……

Repaired Sail by Quantum of Cape Town, re-hoisted……
While were had the opportunity, we had the transmission cones \”lapped\”, repaired our port head, go the boat washed, waxed and the bright work polished.

We now feel confidence in all the new and re-worked systems.

We did get some R&R as Nikki took us to a lovely evening at Madam Zingara.  A dinner and show combination of Cirque de Soleil and The Rocky Horror Picture Show…. It was lots of fun and quite an experience.

Kathy and Steve Searle….. Steve is a Marine Electrician extrordinaire.  He installed the new auto pilot systems and we became fast friends…….

Our hostess with the mostest…..The Madam herself…..\”Oh Rocky\”….
WINTER IS COMING (for all you Game of Thrones fans (and you know who you are!!)

The first big winter storms are expected in Cape Town mid next week and we will leave tomorrow early to get north of them…….Yep, back to Luderitz!  We\’ll wait a few days there perhaps for the South Atlantic High pressure system to re-stabilize and then head directly to St. Helena.  St. Helena is most known as the island of exile for Napoleon Bonaparte after his second attempt at taking over the world.

Updates will start on the 18th from \”at sea\”.  We will not be able to post any photos while underway, but will try if we get internet anywhere along the way.  It will be very sparse as we\’ve only 4 stops planned in the next 5,000 miles (7,500 km) to Trinidad.  Those will be: Luderitz, St. Helena Island, Ascension Island and Fernando de Noronha-Brazil.

Dinner tonight at the grand re-opening of the \”Bascule Restaurant\” here at the V&A…..then rest and away!

Feel free to write!….


Scott and Nikki