Beach House Arrives at Isla San Benito – West….

Dear F&F,
We realized after we altered our plan to go to Isla San Martin, that the timing was such that we had to slow way down to arrive during daylight.
We try never to enter a new place at night. We arrived in the channel between Cedros Island and Isla San Benito around 6am after basically forcing ourselves to go only 3-5 knots all night. We are anchored in 45 feet of water in a nice smooth bight just off the village.

The islands definitely have the look of \”the back of beyond\”. There are about a dozen fishing \”Pangas\” (small skiffs) with outboards and everyone seems to be home, not out fishing. The shore has a very small village and it looks like everyone is sleeping in. Where we have anchored, just outside the pangas, we can hear the Elephant Seal colony on the middle island, barking away. Snug harbor, catching up on sleep and then we will go ashore. We\’ve gotten a \”two thumbs up\” from other cruising friends
who have said the locals are friendly and the hikes are terrific. Scott has seen a few whales \”blowing\” in the distance, but Cindy thinks he\’s pulling her fins…..:)
More later,
Scott & Cindy