Beach House – Moored – Isle Amedee – New Caledonia….

27 November 2016 (+11 UTC)
Dear Friends and Family,
We\’ve moved another 17 miles further south than yesterday and are ready to go tomorrow morning for our journey to Lord Howe Island.
Conditions will be a bit blustery the first 24-36 hours and then should steadily decrease with winds expected from the East.
As we\’re starting to depart the tropics, the weather systems will be more about High\’s and Low\’s as they are in the mid latitudes of the USA and Europe – the southern latitudes of Australia and New Zealand. As such, a bit more challenging weather wise.
We\’re taking along Kiwi \”Weather Guru Extrodinaire\”, Bob McDavit (no pressure Bob!) on this voyage and we\’ll be getting daily updates.
Bob assisted me in 2011 when I departed Auckland, NZ for Tonga. He got it right then and it looks good now…:-)

The trip should take approximately 5 days and 4 nights to cover the roughly 700 nautical miles. This will be our second longest voyage of the season.

We hear that the scenery of Lord Howe Island is spectacular, a bit like the Bora Bora of the Western Pacific. AND…It\’s Australia Mate!
We\’ll keep you all posted with our daily updates which will be in the \”arvo\” for our Aussie and Kiwi friends and before most of you get out of bed in the USA. Mid afternoon tea for our friends in the UK and Europe…:-)

We had a nice day trip here and climbed the 170 foot Amedee Light House, commissioned by Napolean III and opened in 1862.

Next update from \”en route\”..
Cheers and KIT!
Scott and Nikki

COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Isle Amedee – New Caledonia
TIME: 2016/11/27 03:28
LATITUDE: 22-28.54S
LONGITUDE: 166-27.90E
CLOUDS: 100%
BARO: 1010.5