Beach House Ship\’s Mini Blog & Position Report – Arrival at Tahanea Atoll…..

TIME: 2016/05/31 17:48
LATITUDE: 16-51.07S
LONGITUDE: 144-41.51W
BARO: 1015.2
COMMENT: Beach House -Anchored – Tahanea Atoll – north of center pass

Sorry this got out a day late.
For those of you who knew my Aunt Barbara Kantro, she lost her year long battle with cancer yesterday and we send our condolences to all of our extended family.
She was a wonderful woman and we will all miss her very much. Barbara was the last of her generation in my immediate family and was the glue that held us together. I hope we\’ll be able to continue to do so.

We had a nice night sail from Raroia (Kon Tiki Atoll) to the now un-inhabited atoll of Tahanea. The pass was easy to enter but then got very bouncy
as we came into the lagoon. \”Blowin\’ Bubbles\” is with us here as well as now \”Enchanter\” and \”Amarulla\”. The rocket ship catamaran \”Water Music\” with Pascal and Tom were here yesterday and we all had a lovely evening together aboard \”Beach House\” with the \”Bubbles\” crew. Friends on \”Swiftsure\”, continued directly to Fakarava and we\’ll meet up with them I\’m sure tomorrow evening when we plan to arrive there.

Today, The Bubble\’s crew and we will try a dive outside the pass at slack tide and tomorrow we will head to the magical atoll of Fakarava with good winds predicted for the approximately 7-8 hour sail. After that, we may have to hunker down for another couple of days awaiting some rain, squalls and \”weather\” again?

All is well except of course for our \”boat bites\” which we continue to manage. The steering, the engines and now the hydraulic boom vang. It further lends credence to to old adage, that \”cruising a small sail boat is all about doing boat projects in exotic locations\”….:-)

We are planning stops at Fakarava, Kauehi, perhaps back to North Fakarava and finally Anse Amyot at the East side of Toau. From there we will head to Tahiti
and effect repairs. That should be within about 2-3 weeks from now.

Happy Anniversary to my daughter Skye and son-in-law Sean on their first year of marriage which was yesterday. We\’re looking forward to our big family reunion in Sydney this December.

Scott and Nikki
Tahanea Atoll – The Tuamotu Islands