Blue Whale & Cherry Cove, Catalina Island, California…….

Dear F&F,
We had a week of one night stands at Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands.
Stopping in Potato Harbor, Pelican Bay, Bechers Bay, Coches Prieto, Scorpion
Anchorage, Smugglers Cove and winding up at Sea Lion City, Santa Barbara
Island before we arrived here. A fabulous sail was had from Santa Cruz
Island to Santa Barbara Island (40 miles) and then……..

We saw a 60 foot long Blue Whale, the largest animal on earth, about the
size of 4 Bull Elephants.
The unusal thing about our sighting was that it occurred 100 yards off the
coast of Catalina Island just as we arrived from Santa Barbara Island. A
small power boat went right over it and didn\’t even see it!
We will be heading to Avalon next week after a brief visit from friends Mike
and Beth Lonnes at Big Geiger Cove this weekend……WX PERMITTING (Santa
Ana\’s are predicted). After Avalon, we\’ll be headed back to the coast for
some F&F visits and boat projects (the ever present boat projects!).

Definition: Cruising the Oceans of the World in a small sailboat is defined
as: \”Doing boat projects in exotic locations……:)\”
KIT (keep in touch). You can write us at our shoreside emails or through
the \”Contact Us\” form on the website till at least the end of November. We
will post \”sea (and land) stories\” and lots of photos on the website by the
end of next week.
Hugs to all,
S&C s/v Beach House – Cherry Cove, Catalina Island, California