Cape Town & Departure Preparations……

Cape Town & Departure Preparations…..

March 21st – April 12th, 2013 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Nikki and I went up Table Mountain which is nothing short of spectacular.  See  :   Despite the animals and other natural wonders of South Africa, this IS the most visited place in the country.  The views world class from both the bottom and the top. It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Scott at the \”bottom\”……(V&A Marina aboard Beach House)

Nikki at the \”top\”…… (V&A Marina, Cape Town Harbor, Table Bay and Robben Island on the left)

As all good things must end.  Our time in Cape Town was running short.  We spent some time with Dave & Kathie of s/v \”Sunflower\” and had a lovely evening aboard Beach House with Steve & Kathy Searle, Davie & Kathy and us.  One weekend, Nikki\’s friend Sandra came to visit from Jo-Burg.

Nikki and Sandra…..(Girls just wanna\’ have fun!)


We got the fuel system sorted out, the new auto pilots seemed to be performing well.  However, the steering has been an issue since New Zealand.  The rudders don\’t align after a certain amount of time and we had this looked into. Unfortunately, this would become our future disaster!…..

Good Bye Cape Town…. We will miss you and look forward to another visit in the future. (Little did we know how soon it would be!)…….  The sail to Namibia turned out to be a motor boat ride and got us north of the South African weather pattern where winter would soon approach.

Table Mountain from Table Bay en route to Luderitz, Namibia…..

Next, Namibia and the Sossevlei Sand Dunes…….
Scott and Nikki