Catalina Island Fox ….Big Geiger Cove

Dear F&F,
It has been one of the greatest days I\’ve ever seen here in Catalina. We came upon naturalists from the Dept. of Fish and Game in conjunction with the Catalina Island Conservancy and a Veterinarian from UC Davis. They had captured an endangered Catalina Island Fox (Their are only 500 estimated on the Island, up from 100 recently). They apparently are susceptible to a particular type of ear cancer and the Vet was taking samples and cleaning out its ears! We will have photos on the web next week!…..

Weather Wise: Its been up to 88 degrees and the wind is calm. We are waiting for friends Mike and Beth aboard \”Scotch Mist\” and will be keeping a close eye on the weather as Santa Ana\’s are predicted to start sometime tomorrow. If necessary, we will scoot around to the south side of the island to Cat Harbor which is the best protection against these winds should they occur. If WX PERMITS, we will go to Avalon Sunday or Monday…..