Escape River Pearls & Rounding \”The Top\”…..

23 June 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

Today was quite a day for the crew of good ship \”Beach House\”. We were hailed and invited by Bronwyn and Rusty of \”Torres Strait Pearls\” off their residence at the Escape River. After a coffee and some chat, Nikki and I took a serious look at some lovely pearls. Nuff said on that for now.

We also got a few photos of the two 8 foot crocodiles that live RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR HOUSE! They further told us there is a 13 footer around the corner and that we shouldn\’t hang anything important over the side of the boat….Like our feet!

A late start with the morning excitement got us off toward Cape York, the very tippy top of \”OZ\”. We rounded late in the day and anchored with \”Obsession\”, \”Tin Tin\” and \”Delight\”. We also sailed by old friend \”Mr. John VI\” and radioed our hellos.

Tomorrow, we will try and go ashore and literally stand at the very tip of Australia. It\’s a beautiful setting. Like always, \”photos someday\”…:-)

KIT, Scott and Nikki