Forteleza to Cayenne….Day 2

Forteleza to Cayenne….Day 2

July 10th, 2013 (CROSSED THE EQUATOR LAST NIGHT) Time: -3 on GMT

This is the first time \”Beach House\” has been in the Northern Hemisphere since June of 2009 when Cindy and I went from Cocos Island, Costa Rica to the Galapagos.

Yesterday with did it with smoke and mirrors! The winds were at 10 knots in the early morning and we managed to sail for 20 hours in nothing!
The flat sea and beam winds allowed the big spinnaker to keep us moving with the aid of the current, we did a respectable 167 nm yesterday. We\’ve been motoring since
0400 this morning in absolutely flat seas. Welcome to the ITCZ and it\’s usual partner…no wind. Interestingly, we\’ve had almost no squalls in the last 24 hours.
The current was working well for us, but a wind shift took us too far away from the continental shelf and we lost it; hence motoring. Once we headed back on course with the engines, we\’ve picked the current up again, but alas, less wind.

Though my fifth crossing, the highlight of yesterday was Nikki\’s first crossing of the equator. She went from \”Polywog\” to \”Shellback\”. Duly all ceremonies were performed including the offering to King Neptune. This is an ancient sailor\’s rite of passage and for more details, \”google it\”. Look up something like \”Crossing the equator by sea rituals\”…:-) AND, let me know what it says!

We finally saw one tanker this morning which surprises me as I would think we\’d see lots of coastal traffic. There has been only the one ship.
Of note, we are essentially due east of the entrance to the Amazon River delta. We were told if we get too close, the water turns opaque and green.
No sign of that yet, but we are still 380 miles away. Our closest point of approach will be about 170 miles away in a day or so.

Yesterday did not seem particularly hot despite the 88 deg F temperatures and 70% humidity. It\’s already hotter today. After all, we ARE on the Equator.

More tomorrow,
Captain Scott and \”Shell Back\” Nikki