Getting ready to head South, Happy Birthday Nikki!……

Getting Ready to head South, Happy Birthday Nikki!…..

01-04 November 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

We departed Hellville for a 1 1/2 hour trip to the next door island, Nosy Komba. This had a lovely anchorage, lots of local shops and a reasonable restaurant which the four of us, Dave, Kathy, Nikki and Scott. After a nice lunch we went for a long beach walk amongst the shops. We found out that there is a nice lemur viewing spot here and would perhaps come back the next morning to see them. After a calm night, Nikki and I decided to skip the lemur viewing and head back to Sakitia. Dave and Kathy did do the viewing and saw a nice bunch being fed by hand. We\’re anxious to head south and get going to South Africa, we\’ll start our trip tomorrow to Russian Bay.

Russian Bay, we left casually as the trip to Russian Bay was only 18 miles. Motoring as there was little wind. We arrived at the nice anchorage just inside the entrance and had a lovely calm evening. Just us, \”Sunflower\” and the mozzy\’s…:-)

The best thing about today is!…Happy Birthday Nikki!…. She\’s a pearl of a girl.

More to follow,
Scott and Birthday Girl Nik