Isla San Benitos 2nd Day……….

January 16th
The elephant seals were so interesting to watch that we went back ashore with the better camera & video equipment. The animals were more active & Scott got some great shots. We will post them when we next get an internet connection. It was an amazing treat to watch the mothers with their pups and the big snouted males lazily watching their harems. The babies were so cute and made sounds like monkeys. The females sounded like deep resonating barking dogs and the males sounded something between
an echo in a 55 gallon drum and a jack hammer!

Our landings on the beach at Isla San Benito were done in our dinghy with its reworked stainless steel wheels. The wheel system design we got from a fellow cruising friend, Dan Melnick and as you will see when we post the photos, the wheels flip down so we can pull the dinghy ashore.