Isla Socorro, Day 2…..

Dear F&F,
January 15, 2009

When he dove to inspect the propellers this morning, Scott was happily surprised to find that the pitch had indeed changed on the starboard engine. He was shocked that something like a line or fishing net could do that. We never saw evidence of, but definitely snagged or hit something en route from Cabo to San Benedicto. I could hear the thump thump thump of something hitting the hull where I was in our cabin. Whatever it was, cleared when we backed down (went in reverse with the engines). Anyway, Bob our Mazatlan mechanic, had told Scott yesterday that he thought that was the most likely diagnosis & by golly he was right. Scott adjusted it to the correct pitch, we pulled up the anchor & went out for a test drive. All systems good! Full speed & full RPMs. What a relief!!! Scott is still semi-stunned that we dodged another bullet. That\’s the 3rd semi-catastrophic problem we\’ve had in a month that he was able to repair in the field. First the watermaker, then the generator, now the propeller. The best news is that this means that, as far as we know at the moment, we ARE NOT having a transmission problem & we can just hope that the repairs done in Mazatlan hold for a good long time.

It was an emotional roller coaster, especially rough on Scott. Maybe he will eventually learn that mentally envisioning \”the worst case scenario\” right off the bat is not such a great idea. All along I had envisioned a simple, easy fix & although I can take no credit for it, I do know that keeping more positive energy makes me feel better internally. The theory that one\’s energy can attract a positive (or negative) outcome from the universe is suspect. But we are always happy to get lucky!

We did not return to Navy Cove after our engine/propeller test. There is no reason to remain there. We radioed Chuck & Linda that we were going to continue up the west coast of the island to Punta Tosca which Terry & the dive boats had said was good for diving. Socorro is growing on us. Due to the red colored cliffs & green vegetation it is prettier, less stark topside than San Benedicto. \”Jacaranda\” up anchored just behind us & saw mantas along the coast. We have not yet seen a manta, but both boats have sighted whales.

We did a scouting trip to Tosca but the wind & swell made it too brisk to for a good anchorage, even for the day. We returned back to a sweet cove we had passed, there are a few palm trees on the beach & just enough room for our 2 boats to comfortably anchor. It is called Ensenada Grayson. Chuck & Linda traded sodas for lobster with some Mexican Navy divers in a panga. Navy or Navy family members, not sure. Friends of theirs here last year had told them of doing this. They generously offered to share. I will make rice. Such a deal.

So my friends, all is well again in the Islas Revillagigedos. We are breathing easier & hope to be breathing underwater soon. Lots to scout out & hopefully more GPS details from Terry during the radio chat at 6:00 pm. If all continues to go well, we will stay here 10-14 days then set sail for Zihuatenejo. There is prediction for a potentially strong easterly wind on Monday, but being 4 days away things can shift. Always looking to the weather.

Scott & Cindy