Its been a long time………Gettin\’ from here to there!…….

Dear F&F,
Its 8:30 pm on Saturday night and Cindy and I have just \”cut the cord\”
figuratively speaking. We stowed the dock cord and the hose, so you know
we\’re ready to go.
We\’ll be leaving the dock around 6am on Sunday the 23rd. Thats just 9 hours
from now. We\’ll update our travels soon so standby………..The Voyage
First stop, Ventura, California where we will be hauling the boat out of the
water and adding underwater lights, re-painting the bottom and other
With a few trials and tribulations, our new wireless \”air card\” is keeping
us on the internet. So feel free to write us at our regular emails or via
the website contact form.
We\’ll get them either way.