Last Day on Coco Island…..

Dear F&F,
May 6, 2009

Yesterday we went for another hike. It drizzled at the beginning. We were wishing for more rain once we got going, as the sun was pretty hot even though it was only 7:30 a.m. It was about 1 hour & 20 minutes; a VERY steep climb up. Poor Scott found it aerobically challenging. I had a harder time downhill, with shorter legs, keeping my balance. The hike was worth our efforts. We enjoyed a beautiful canopy of trees at the top, some covered in vines & bromiliads. So green, lush & tropical rainforest-y.

Two rangers & a volunteer came by to collect our additional fees. We had paid up through the last day of diving, not exactly sure at that time how many additional days we would stay. It is $85 a day for us & the boat, not diving. We paid $20 more per day (for both of us) on the diving days. This is the one place in Costa Rica that they are doing a really good job of preserving nature, so we are happy to support their efforts.

Scott is slogging away at the photo & video editing while it is fresh. It is just VERY time consuming & rather tedious. He has the patience for it & without the pressure of any deadline, he keeps at it. I keep him fed & watered, get him up to move from time to time & then he is back at it. Meanwhile I write, so it works out well. We each appreciate the others contribution to the website, so make a good team.

Tomorrow it is off to the Galapagos at first light. The wind picked up from the east today which may make for lovely sailing. In any event, we have enough fuel to motor the distance if necessary. We expect to be at sea 3 days & nights.

Thank you for writing us, we love to get mail! ([email protected]) if you don\’t have another address.

Scott & Cindy