Last Days on Mainland Costa Rica & A Human Interest Story…..

Dear F&F,

April 19
We had a wonderful time at Carerra National Park. Scott\’s pictures speak for themselves, please see that photo gallery. CAPTIONS will be posted next time we can get to the internet.

April 20
I provision for our next 3 weeks. Scott got confirmation that there is a grocery store in the Galapagos so I am glad not to have to shop now for all the food we need until the Marquesas. I do try to stock up on things I might not find down the road. I have no idea if salsa will be available in French Polynesia, so that is one item I load up on, as well as some fine Costa Rican coffee. I have had mixed results on my yogurt making, but will keep experimenting. It is too hot to try the bread recipes Mike gave me, but I am content to eat less bread & have more tortillas & crackers as staples.

Carmen & Mario Story
Megan & I were fortunate to get Mario as a cab driver one day. He gave us his cell phone so when we were ready to return after our outing we asked the market to call him. He had mentioned his wife also drove the cab, so we were happy to meet Carmen who picked us up.

Mario drove Scott & I to Carrera & Carmen brought us back to the marina. I asked if she had time to come & see our floating home & she was pleased to be invited. I gave her the chick tour (vs. Scott\’s more detailed & technical tour).

On the day I provisioned, I called their cell & she drove me back to the marina. Before unloading her trunk of my groceries, she asked me to please correct her English homework. She is fairly bilingual, but still takes classes to improve. I read a story she wrote about an incident in the north part of Costa Rica that occurred 4 months ago. There was a landslide during heavy rains and some people were killed; a few never found. Her grammar was not perfect, yet the tears rolled down my face as I read her description of a father who was found with his entire body wrapped around his young daughter, trying to protect her. Both of them dead. I had not heard this news and the impact of this country\’s daily trials hit home in that moment. Carmen & I hugged & cried together. When the intensity passed, I did as asked & corrected her assignment. I feel honored that she trusted me to look at her work & blessed to have made these new friends.

Scott & Cindy