Marina Mazatlan……

September 2, 2008

Scott did a brilliant job of navigating us through the breakwater in the
dark. I know that because I didn\’t hear any crashing noises as I had my eyes
closed. The navigation lights are hard to distinguish from the lights on the
land. So the visual is very confusing. We had our prior track on the chart,
which we knew was a safe path, so he just followed that back in. Still scary
for me.

The dock master, Elvira had left instructions for security that we would be
a late arrival so they were expecting us. It was great to see our Tres
Amigos (security guards) there to catch our dock lines. There had been quite
a lightening show all evening, not close enough to be scary, but quite
impressive. We were so exhausted after 2 full days & 1 ½ nights at sea we
couldn\’t crawl into bed fast enough. I made the big big mistake of leaving
hatches open. At 4:30 am I awoke to a deluge of rain pouring inside the
boat. Scott was absolutely passed out & of no help. Yikes! It took me an
hour to scurry from cabin to cabin closing everything, mop up some & finally
get back to bed. Needless to say I was pretty tired all day & took it pretty

September 3-8

We met 2 other folks on boats. There are only 12 boats with anyone aboard
out of over 300 boats in the marina. It is called \”off season\” for a reason.
It is unbearably hot & humid day & night. We are so glad we spent the big
bucks to install air conditioning because we would not be able to tolerate
this climate otherwise. . Most other boaters do not have air conditioning
which is why there are so few people here at this time of year.

We get slow WiFi on the boat which is adequate to send & receive email. But
we can walk 10 minutes up to the marina office to hard wire the laptops to
use Skype. The office is blessedly air conditioned.

It seems a slew of business was waiting for us & we are busy busy busy. For
me the main concern is my Dad. He fell again, without injury, but it is hard
to know what is best for him now & I feel so far away. Our flight to LA is
September 13. I wish it was sooner.

Our other immediate project is to obtain a permit to dive in the Islas
Revillagegedos (San Benedicto & Socorro Islands).

Scott & Cindy, Mazatlan, Mexico