Marina Taina, Papeete Tahiti …..

Dear F&F,

We are slowly making inventory lists so we know what we have & where it is
stowed. When we lived in Los Angeles, our garage used to be in such a state
that it was often easier go buy a new tool instead of trying to find the one
we had. That is not possible or acceptable on the boat. We must know what we
have & where to find it. Otherwise there is a tendency to over-hoard spare
parts, tools & other supplies.

I am trying to reassign usage of space so I can stash more food & certain
toiletries for when we next go offshore. Right now it is such a luxury to go
to the market whenever I want. As a practical matter, once a week is fine.
We\’ve been enjoying salad every day. As well as an international fruit bowl:
New Zealand apples & kiwi. California grapes. Australian oranges. Local
pineapple, papaya & mango.

Scott has lost 10 lbs in the past month & is off sugar & bread. I am so
proud! We eat about 5-6 times per day. I\’ve always been this kind of
\”grazer\”. It helps one eat smaller portions without feeling deprived or
becoming too hungry. Plain yogurt with cut up dried apricots or prunes is a
great snack. We also like yogurt with grated apple sprinkled with cinnamon.

I swim M,W,F at the pool & love every minute of being in the water. It helps
me feel cooler in the afternoons. I get up early to walk before sunrise.

Scott is reading a lot of books on his new Kindle. It is great technology
for all travelers, especially us boaters with limited space for books.

We are beginning the maintenance, repairs and upgrades. The engines and
generator will be getting lots of TLC while we’re here. Scott has met with
the Patrick Chan, the generator mechanic & French crane operator, Bruno. We
will schedule removing the generator from the boat to find the coolant and
oil leaks as well as it’s major maintenance. Those big jobs we’ll begin in
the next few weeks.

Cindy and Scott