Mini Update & Position Report – Beach House Moored – Toboga Island, Panama….

TIME: 2016/03/12 22:34
LATITUDE: 08-47.62N
LONGITUDE: 079-32.97W
COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Toboga Island – Panama…

A bit of breeze, clean water, but also a bit rollier than advertised.

We may need to replace all our house batteries. We\’ll have a load test done on Monday and see.
Good news is that new AGM batteries are available. The generator had a coolant leak caused by carelessness in Guatemala, however
that has too been resolved.

The anchorages adjacent to the canal entrance on the south (Pacific) side are less than desirable. Rolly, big ship wakes, the water is not clean and the tides are currently 20 FEET! Only Darwin and Mackay, Australia have even approached this kind of tide on our journey around the world.

Still a week away from getting off to the Las Perlas while we finish up the teething issues.
Stand by, I\’ll blog the canal transit soon…. We almost had a boo boo right after many of you saw us in the Miraflores locks.
Thanks for all the photos!
Scott and Nikki