Dear F&F,
October 12th – December 11th

When we returned from Copper Canyon, we had to get serious about getting the boat ready for the upcoming season. Many of you know, our boat was built for us in France and new in 2004. Despite having professional shipright Bill Bornemann in Marina del Rey, work 2 days on \”Beach House\” for two years; we\’re still teething.

The amount of maintenance required on a boat is relentless. Unfortunately boat products are far more expensive that household equipment. And in the marine environment are far less reliable. Doing various chores related to the boat and our daily lives takes up at least one third to one half of every day. Our engine transmissions look like underwater outboard engines. These had small seal leaks and we needed to haul the boat to replace the seals. While out of the water in Mazatlan, we also repainted the bottom with anti fouling paint. We had air conditioning, refrigeration, engine work, canvas work, woodwork, new shades and screens installed, electrical work… the list went on & on. This took us the better part of two months as we had to compete with other boaters for the time and expertise of our technicians.

Scott did the most \”invasive\” projects while I went to California for 2 weeks just before Thanksgiving. Our shopping list was lengthening and I wanted to visit my Dad for his 92nd birthday. Mazatlan to Los Angeles is less than 3 hours nonstop flight. Best to go while it is still so easy.

We thank Bob, Raphael and Jesus of \”Total Yacht Works\” in Mazatlan for doing a wonderful job in helping us get ready for the new year. We also thank Elvira Lizarraga, the manager of Marina Mazatlan for constantly being wonderful and helping us over and over with the many details we had to take care of. And of course Mike Lonnes who is our stateside support & supplier for all things boat.

Scott & Cindy