Namibia to St. Helena….Day 3

Namibia to St. Helena….Day 3
May 27th, morning of the 28th, 2013 (Eastern Hemisphere) +1 GMT

Yesterday, we planned on gybing north, but the heading was taking to Angola!..NOT where we want to go.
So we experimented with the big geneker (reacher) on the pole and tacked downwind a bit to play the shifts.

We\’ve had mostly winds in the 10-12 knot range and as such…this is the slowest sailing day ever for Miss Piggy.
I think we\’ll do around 140 miles for the day. However, it IS the most comfortable trip I\’ve ever been on at sea.
The winds are calm…and so is the sea.

This is all likely to change in the next 24-36 hours as the high pressure system that is just to the south of us will move further east and intensify.
This will bring the winds. Near the end of the trip, most likely a bit more than we\’d like.

We are just north of our original rhumb line (direct route from where we started) and when Nikki gets up, we may yet again roll up the sails and motor for several hours to the NW to see if we can find the wind or gybe if it shifts and keep sailing?

The sun is rising, it\’s exercise day (around noon) and just the pure enjoyment of this boat ride – Slow, but lovely is a pleasure.

About 880 miles to go. I suspect by day 5 we\’ll find the breeze….and maybe a bit too much after that.
Of note – we did indeed cross the Tropic of Capricorn yesterday afternoon…whooo
Scott and Nikki