Port Vila….Goodbye Anja, Hello Kay!….

Dear F&F, October 3rd, 2011 (Eastern Hemisphere)

As lovely as our time together was, Anja had met \”someone\” while we were in Fiji. They decided on a rendezvous in Brisbane, Australia and far be it from me to hold back young love…:-)) I don\’t want to embarrass Anja, so I\’ll just leave the details for her to tell. After all, this blog is PG!..

So, on October 3rd, Anja left for Brisbane but had time to meet our newest arrival, Kay McNamara from Brisbane, Australia. Kay was keen to see what the \”cruising life\” was about. We connected on one of the websites for finding crew and we did so on fairly short notice. Kay arrived on the two and half hour flight from Brisbane to Port Vila, she would be my final crew and help me escort \”Beach House\” back to Brisbane via New Caledonia. (See photos in the Vanuatu Gallery).

Anja and I gave a big hug to each other and she promised to KIT (keep in touch). Anja you were terrific and I know you\’ll have a wonderful finish to your year long sojourn around the world before heading back to Germany.

Kay teaches English as a second language and was taking some time off herself. A sort of mid career break. As you can imagine, for a single gal to come aboard the boat without much knowledge of not only the boat, but her skipper (me!), is a pretty big act of faith. Both Kay\’s \”Mum\” and her beau in Holland wanted some re-assurance. Anja even sent a letter of recommendation which made the family at home feel better. Jan, Kay\’s BF even emailed me; sort of guy to guy.

Right after Kay\’s arrival, we prepared for our next adventure…..visiting a real live ACTIVE volcano. Lava shooting fireworks an all. But this time….it would be by a quick airplane trip to Tanna Island about 150 miles south of Efate Island (Port Vila).

More soon! Scott and now with Kay!