YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/06/18 07:38 LATITUDE: 14-10.74S LONGITUDE: 144-13.78E MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 5 WIND_DIR: ESE CLOUDS: 15% VISIBILITY: 20 BARO: 1017.2 AIR_TEMP: 26.7C COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Owens Passage, Flinders Island… We had such a great sail that we arrived at Ninan too early, pressed on to Cape Melville, but the anchorage was untenable! So, we pressed on further for an 84 mile day run to Flinders Island. Named after Mathew Flinders who was the first to circumnavigate Australia and did most of the original surveys. He followed in the footsteps of Captain Cook about 1800. We picked up a day on the schedule and will head to Morris Island tomorrow, approximately 60 ish miles. KIT, Scott and Nikki P.S. We have NO internet here so use our boat email that I gave you if you wish to write either of us….. This email is being sent via iridium satellite telephone over the sailmail system.