YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/09/26 01:44 LATITUDE: 12-12.52S LONGITUDE: 094-01.07E COURSE: 274T SPEED: 7.0 MARINE: YES WIND_SPEED: 21 WIND_DIR: ESE WAVE_HT: 0.4M WAVE_PER: 7 SWELL_DIR: S SWELL_HT: 3.0M SWELL_PER: 10 CLOUDS: 50% VISIBILITY: 15 BARO: 1018.1 AIR_TEMP: 28.3C COMMENT: Beach House – EN ROUTE – Salomon Atoll, Chagos Archipelago.

New blogs posted at: www.svbeachhouse.com Position Report graphic \”bread crumb trail\” is at the bottom right on the home page (Use the link for Winlink) for the latest. Expect 9 day passage, 175 nm today. A bit lumpy and cross sea, but overall just fine. KIT, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL, USE ANY OTHER ADDRESS YOU HAVE FOR US.