YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/02/06 13:49 LATITUDE: 30-11.77S LONGITUDE: 030-59.56E COURSE: 197T SPEED: 5.5 MARINE: YES WIND_SPEED: 22 WIND_DIR: ENE WAVE_HT: 0.5M WAVE_PER: 4 SWELL_DIR: ENE SWELL_HT: 2.5M SWELL_PER: 5 CLOUDS: 90% VISIBILITY: 10 BARO: 1013.3 AIR_TEMP: 25.0C COMMENT: Beach House -ENROUTE- Duban to Port Elizabeth A bit snotty out here. Still not having good luck with the famous push from behind Agulhus Current. If anything, it\’s on our nose! 2 reefs, staysail on the pole. Wind is higher than predicted but will abate over the next several hours. KIT, Scott with Alexandra