YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/02/17 03:15 LATITUDE: 35-11.12S LONGITUDE: 020-00.12E COURSE: 299T SPEED: 6.5 MARINE: YES WIND_SPEED: 23 WIND_DIR: ESE WAVE_HT: 0.5M WAVE_PER: 7 SWELL_DIR: SE SWELL_HT: 2.7M SWELL_PER: 9 CLOUDS: 70% VISIBILITY: 8 BARO: 1014.7 TREND: -1 AIR_TEMP: 21.7C COMMENT: Beach House – ABEAM – Cape Agulhas Light; Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean!… It\’s been a blustery night. We\’ve had only 2 reefs in the main and no head sail for the last 5 hours. It\’s almost dawn and then may set the staysail to starboard as we gybed 30 minutes ago. About 100 miles to False Bay YC. Arrival will most likely be this evening after dark.