YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/02/17 17:15 LATITUDE: 34-11.48S LONGITUDE: 018-25.96E MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 6 WIND_DIR: SW CLOUDS: 40% VISIBILITY: 5 BARO: 1006.5 AIR_TEMP: 22.8C COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – False Bay Yacht Club, Simon\’s Town, South Africa Just about 36 hours, 290 miles. It reminded me of coming OUT of New Zealand. Big winds and seas, but fortunately on the stern. It was blowing 36 knots as we came up to the marina, but we had a nice wind break here and quite a welcoming committee to help tie us up with. At the dock, it was only blowing 6 knots!…. We are in Simon\’s Town, but Cape Town is right next door. We did finally get to see the Cape of Good Hope as we entered the bay (through the heavy haze) and were greeted by hundreds of dolphins playing around the boat for about a half an hour. We\’ll be here for at least two weeks and then may move over to the Victoria and Alberts Marina before heading off to the Caribbean and parts north. Nikki will arrive next Sunday and Alex will depart on Saturday. Some boat maintenance and touring this week including having to get the auto pilot sorted. KIT, Scott