YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/04/13 18:32 LATITUDE: 32-50.50S LONGITUDE: 017-39.44E COURSE: 323T SPEED: 8.5 MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 12 WIND_DIR: SSE CLOUDS: 0% VISIBILITY: 10 BARO: 1015 TREND: 0 AIR_TEMP: 15.0C COMMENT: Beach House -EN ROUTE- Cape Town, SA to Luderitz, Namibia……ABEAM Cape Columbine We got in a two and half hour sail this afternoon but despite the 14 knots of wind, it\’s from dead astern so we\’d go to slow. Nice current push giving us over 9 knots regularly. Should beat the low if it doesn\’t speed up due to hit Cape Town in two days (Nambia in three). Tried to listen for the Peri Peri net tonight, but heard nothing. Absolutely cloudless, calm night with a 2 meter swell. Nikki asleep, Scott on watch. KIT, Scott and Sleeping Nik