YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2011/10/25 21:02 LATITUDE: 26-36.43S LONGITUDE: 156-14.20E COURSE: 266T SPEED: 6.0 MARINE: YES WIND_SPEED: 7 WIND_DIR: 039T WAVE_HT: 0.1M WAVE_PER: 8 SWELL_DIR: E SWELL_HT: 1.0M SWELL_PER: 8 CLOUDS: 70% VISIBILITY: 10 BARO: 1016 TREND: 1 AIR_TEMP: 26.1C SEA_TEMP: 22.2C COMMENT: Beach House – EN ROUTE – New Caledonia to Brisbane, Australia. Day 4 run, 170 nm. Now motoring, 165 nm to go. Should be at Moreton Bay outer buoy in 24 hours. (8 a.m. local time). Then 40 miles to Aust. Customs dock; Brisbane River-Rivergate Marina. Overcast, weak Low pressure system just coming off the coast.