POSITION REPORT – Beach House still awaiting weather window!…..

TIME: 2015/04/18 11:53
LATITUDE: 16-20.24N
LONGITUDE: 086-28.52W
COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – Barefoot Cay Marina, Roatan, Bay of Islands – Honduras

Still awaiting (now over 3 weeks!) for a weather window to get around \”Punta Gracias Adios\’ (Thank God Point).
Essentially, we\’re stuck in the almost bottom of the Gulf of Honduras and have to go over 200 miles straight upwind.
Given the amount of wind and sea state, it would be more than a miserable and very slow trip.

We\’ve had 15-33 knots daily for most of the time we\’ve been here. It\’s a nice spot, we\’d just like to move on.
We\’re even considering going back to Guatemala for the off season if this continues too much longer. There is no apparent break in the weather
at the moment for at least another week.

Scott and Nikki – Roatan, Bay of Islands – Honduras