POSITION REPORT – Cayo Blanco, Bahia De La Ascensionl – Mexico

TIME: 2015/03/02 20:19
LATITUDE: 19-42.35N
LONGITUDE: 087-30.15W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Cayo Cuelbra – Bahia De La Ascension, Mexico

We had a dinner and supermarket shop in Cozumel. The anchorage was okay, but we could see how it would be quite the roll under
certain circumstances. We left at 7a.m. just as the first of 6 cruise ships was arriving. Apparently, except for Sunday, the cruise ships
now dominate the island.

We motored while hugging the shore to the south west end of the island, then motor sailed or sailed the rest of the way here. Overall, a lovely day!

\”Windward\” is anchored next to us as they left Puerto Morelos last night at 6 pm! Another Catalina 42, just up from Belize is here as well. This spot
is about as remote a place as I\’ve ever been in Mexico!

Scott and Nikki