POSITION REPORT- Fantasy Island, Roatan, Bay of Islands – Honduras

TIME: 2015/03/26 23:00
LATITUDE: 16-21.44N
LONGITUDE: 086-26.31W
COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – Fantasy Island, Roatan, Bay of Islands – Honduras

We decided to move on as the weather would be reasonably cooperative and Roatan is the big deal island of this group.
Still pretty bumpy out there and the wind was calm. It picked up later in the afternoon and made the ride more testy.

We\’re at Fantasy Island Marina (which is no longer a Fantasy). It\’s seen better days. We may move tomorrow to Barefoot Cay Marina after we check
Windward\’s crew into the country and see what it\’s like.

This is the daunting leg of the journey and the point at the end of the Honduran/Nicaraugan Peninsula is called \”Gracias Dios\” (Thank God Point).
Why? Because the wind and current embay or pocket us in to the Gulf of Honduras. Christopher Columbus took 90 days to get out of this bay tacking back and forth.
3 months to to 150 miles! His crew upon seeing the point, where the land again turns south said, \”Gracias Dios\” and so it was named.

That leg of our journey is yet to come and of course we have two diesel engines that Christopher Columbus could only have dreamed of!

We\’ll update you on our tour of this island, we may be here up to a week.
Scott and Nikki