Position Report – Rio Dulce-Frontera, Guatemala…..

TIME: 2015/03/18 18:04
LATITUDE: 15-39.37N
LONGITUDE: 088-59.64W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Rio Dulce – RAM Marina, Frontera, Guatemala

We had a nice anchor spot in the river mouth last night and it was fascinating watching all the various fishing boats come and go. Mostly, really small ones.

The trip up the Rio Dulce Gorge was quite spectacular – a real Disneyland \”Jungle Cruise\” including spotting a Manatee in the 7 mile gorge!

We\’re 20 miles \”up river\” and are expecting my friend Carmina tomorrow who will drive from Guatemala City (5+ hours!).

We have good power and water here and are in a nice comfy slip. We\’ve met the American owner (whose US residence is Aqua Dulce, California) and he is quite a story himself. More in the blog. We should have internet here and we\’ll be able to catch up on the blogs. We hear it rains here (El Nino) every night. Fortunately for us, the Air Con works!

We\’ll keep you posted. We expect to be here about a week, maybe a bit more as we\’ll have to watch the weather.
Scott and Nikki