San Diego (Part 2)……….

December 11

The train to San Diego is really a lovely way to travel from LA. You don\’t
have to concentrate on driving or worry about the traffic. You get wonderful
views of the coast and can be on the phone or internet to your hearts
content. Buddy Ty picked us up & delivered us back to our Boat Sweet Boat.

December 14

We signed up for Skype, internet phone. We begin calling friends around the
world: Hungary, Guatemala, New Zealand. Too much fun.

December 15

Longtime friend of Cindy\’s sister Maria, Jean Kelleher & her family, came
for a visit & harbor cruise. Actually we just went to the pumpout dock, but
doesn\’t harbor cruise sound nicer? Son Camlin & friend Connor explored the
boat fully & were brave assistants during potty patrol. The family lived
several years in South America so shared with us their living abroad &
travelling stories. Back to life in Carlsbad & San Diego for now, their
passion for more journeys is in their future plans.

December 16

We had one last party with our San Diego friends. Cindy hosted happy hour
onboard, then we walked across the street to view the Christmas Boat Parade.
Fireworks kicked off the festivities. A Coast Guard cutter was followed by
about 70 sail & power boats lit up with holiday lights. A good turnout of
folks picnicked & huddled in blankets along the waterfront parade route. The
Harbor Island hotels had many guests out on the balconies enjoying the view

December 19

We took a break from boat projects & other business to be tourists on
Coronado Island. Cindy hadn\’t been there in 20 yrs, Scott even longer. The
Hotel Del Coronado is just as grand as ever. We enjoyed a walk along the
shore & watching the outdoor ice skating rink. We got lucky & saw more
fireworks, not sure why, but enjoyed them anyway.

December 20

Really became tourists & visited the San Diego Zoo. It was a cold day & not
too crowded so we were able to see pretty much all the animals. Highlights
were the polar bears, lynx and wide variety of birds. Ty had hernia surgery
yesterday. We stopped in after the zoo to check up on him. Our advice: take
more drugs, eat more pudding.

We could not resist one more taste of Phil\’s BBQ, this time we ate in. Super

December 23

Scott\’s mother Suzanne passed away one year ago today. It seems like longer
& just yesterday, all at the same time. We still cannot believe that they
won\’t both just reappear one day…

We are checking the weather daily. Looks good for a Christmas sail to

December 24

Linda sent Cindy a Fed Ex package to the San Diego Yacht Club. It was
supposed to have arrived Saturday 12/22 overnight. Will it arrive in time,
before the club closes at 3 pm? Yes, happy days! Santa delivers! An
assortment of precious cards, pictures, and good wishes to be opened
throughout the year. An addition to our crew: a small soft (stuffed) black
kitten, very well behaved & low maintenance. New Kitty was warmly welcomed
by our long established crew members: Dog, Cow & Oceana. Oceana is a
Jamaican fisherwoman doll, handmade by Linda for Cindy to take on her first
ocean crossing in 1996.

Scott humors Cindy by playing Sirius radio Christmas music. Ty & Oscar stop
by with Bon Voyage gifts of chocolate & wine, plus homemade cookies by
Phyllis Hokanson. Thank you! You made our stay in San Diego feel like home.
It is hard to say goodbye, but we are driven by the desire to migrate south
for the winter…