Scott Adam\’s Day…..The Great Transmission Caper…..

Dear F&F,
The following is an edited version of Scott Adam\’s email to us regarding the successful acquisition of our NEW transmission.

February 20, 2009

Email Report from Scott Adam, aka: \”Our Hero\”:

0630: Arise to the stock market falling.

0700: You call on Satellite Telephone (Scott Stolnitz)

0715: Go to Costa Mesa (Boatswains Locker to pick up \”Beach House\’s\” NEW transmission).

0830: Ignacio (parts department at Boatswains Locker) gets to be a new best friend (and I pick up the BIG box, weight 106 lbs.)

0915: I go to Technautics to pick up some parts (just around the corner from Boatswains\’ Locker) for our boat, s/v \”Quest\”.

1000: Go to Minnies Marine Store and pick up a few \”essentials\” for s/v \”Quest\”.

1115: Approaching Santa Monica, get a flat tire at the 10/405 freeway interchange.

1130: Changing tire at entrance to Santa Monica Blvd.

1200: Get to where the DHL used to be on Wilshire.

1215: Get to another place DHL used to be on Lincoln.

1220: Get to the Box Brothers store where the attendant says \”where is your international certificate of non-toxicity\”?

1240: Get a copy of what Boatswains Locker has….NOT GOOD ENOUGH says the %$*x!ng attendant.

1335: Get fax of what Mercury Marine has for non-toxicity certificate. It PASSES!!!!

1400: Finish filling out forms at DHL.

1415: Pay $1043.88 USD for expedited DHL shipping to Guatemala City and leave the Box Brothers store on Friday as planned. I thank the \”very helpful\” attendant.

1430: Get new tire and start the \”honey dos\” 🙂

1500: Go to Arbys and have breakfast.

All in all a very eventful day…


Scott Adam
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