\”Seeadler\” photos….Letter from the Felix Count von Luckner Society

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stolnitz,

what a suprise you made for us. I really would have loved being with you
when going down to the wreck of the legendary Seeadler. Perhaps I will have
the chance one time.

Thank you very much for sending us this information and the link to the
wonderful pictures.

Indeed one of our members long time ago also went down and even had the
chance to take two pieces of the wreck with him. Did you have the chance

Did you also see the island itself? Is there still anything to be seen
remembering the Count\’s \”visit\” in 1917?

In our society we are most interested in such information and pictures you
have taken. I think in one of our next newsletters I will tell about the
story and will provide the link to your website to our members.

Hope to hear from you again!

Thanks once more and best regards
Matthias J. Maurer
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