24 June 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

Today we went ashore at Cape York and did the vigil to \”The Top\” sign at the very tip of Cape York (The MOST northern piece of land on the Australian Continent). Interestingly, we did this with about 100 of our \”closest friends\”!…:-) It turns out, this is a great \”bucket list\” item for Australians. All ages, all types. Many are veterans of other geographic extremes. The southern most, the eastern most, etc.

After we did the walk, we took the dinghy to York Island (an entire 100 yards) across from the continental tip. From there we motored around Possession Island (Where Captain Cook formally took possession of Australia for England) and came to the small harbor of Seisa. Seisa was named after the ship that brought five brothers here from the Torres Islands in the mid 1800\’s. The wharf here has a ferry which travels daily from Seisia to Thursday Island which we will try and do tomorrow….SPACE AVAILABLE! It\’s currently sold out with all those Aussie tourists who were at the tip of Cape York with us today! So we\’ll try \”stand by\”.

We hope to be off from here on our first overnight together on Wednesday to Gove on the opposite side of the Gulf of Carpinteria. (More on that later).

We are at a nice calm anchorage with only s/v \”Mr. John VI\” (John and Paula) next to us.

KIT, we\’ll keep you posted. Scott and Nikki