St. Helena to Ascension Island…..Day 2

St. Helena to Ascension Island…..Day 2

June 11th, written the morning of June 12th, 2013 (Western Hemisphere) Time: GMT

Yesterday started off a bit slow and during the day we were a bit slow despite all the \”laundry\” (all the sails) up.
Late in the afternoon when we were on radio schedule with Peri Peri Net (Paul) in Johannesburg, a 10-12 meter \”Sei Whale\” swam up about 100 feet away from us
and had a look. He seemed as curious about us as we were about him. Tagging along were 6-8 very large white dolphins. If I\’d been in the Santa Barbara Channel, I would have thought them to be \”Riso\’s Dolphins\”. However I\’m not sure that species is here in the South Atlantic?

We\’ve been surfing on and off much of the night. At mid night we took down the big reacher and almost reefed at 4 a.m. Glad we didn\’t but now it\’s picked back up
strongly. We just surfed at 13 knots for almost 30 seconds (as I write this). It\’s predicted to back off considerably in the next 5 hours, but if it doesn\’t start soon, we\’ll reef just the same. It\’s really easy to take the reef out. We can do it while sailing on course. We have to head up wind to put the reef in.

I\’ve been a little sleep challenged and had some most unusual dreams. I rarely ever remember my dreams, but last night it was like living color. I wrote the person who it was about. I hope she finds it as amusing as I did….Ah, memory lane!

The boat is still remarkably comfortable and the swells are occasionally 3 meters (10-12 feet). We\’ve 368 miles to go and had a very nice (much more Miss Piggy like), 175 mile run yesterday.

All is well…Just did the laundry (the clothing kind…:), made water and charged the batteries. We\’re zipping along. I\’m off watch and will hopefully get some sleep.
Scott and \”On Watch Woodrow\”