Suriname to Guyana (Georgetown)…..

Suriname to Guyana (Georgetown)…..

July 22nd, 2013 Time: -3 on GMT

Yesterday, when we decided to pass on Suriname, the weather was bleak, the water muddy. As soon as we got a bit further offshore, the wind gave us a few hours sail, the skies cleared, life was good. Perhaps it was an omen?…:-)

Despite the lovely weather, especially for the ITCZ, the winds again went light and we were back to motoring. The good news was that just before dark, the wind came up and allowed us to sail all night. It was a particularly spectacular evening, as the squalls gave no indication of being around, the breeze was warm and gentle, the seas calm and the boat moving right on course at 6-7 knots. Hey, if it were like this all the time, you\’d all want to be doing this….:-)

We\’re now about 20 miles outside of the Demerara River where Georgetown, the capitol is located. We expect to be in by noon and try and check in/out and see the town.
Another option would be to go 40 miles \”up river\” to Bartica, but these rivers are full of mud and debris and it might be more of an adventure than we want right now.

We\’re also anxious to get to Tobago and back into clear warm tropical waters, emphasis on the clear warm and tropical!

Watching the weather up north, but have no expectations that those \”whirly things\” will give us any grief at all.
I\’ll post an anchored report once we are nicely tucked in up the river.

Scott and Stargazer Nik