Tahuata Island, Marquesas Islands…..

Dear F&F,
July 3-4, 2009

We just crossed to our third Marquesas Island, Tahuata. It was 6 hours and mostly down wind. The swell was not completely behind us, but starboard & aft. A much more comfortable passage than from Hiva Oa to Fatu Hiva, thank God! Despite putting on a half patch last night, I did feel a bit queasy after lunch because of the big swells (8-12 feet), so laid down in our cabin. I was able to nap for about an hour which really helped. Scott manned the helm & I just focused on staying relaxed & enjoying the scenery. We sailed past 2 other small & less sheltered bays at this island before anchoring here in Hana Moe Noa Bay. There are two other boats besides us, one a catamaran we had first seen in Hiva Oa. Our friends from Giselle, Mary & David, had to delay their passage until tomorrow as a small electrical repair took longer than expected & they wanted to make sure to have a daylight arrival. Hopefully they will join us here tomorrow. Fourth of July is nothing out here. I think I will unfurl our flag & try to scrub off the likely to be found mildew.

The sandy beach looks beautiful, with palm trees & a couple of small huts. The water is clearer here, so we may go for a snorkel or swim tomorrow. The wind is only 8-10 knots which is such a refreshing change from the strong gusts back at Fatu Hiva.

We have heard of diving possibilities at the Marquesas Island after next, so probably won\’t hang around here too many days. I can\’t wait to blow bubbles & see fish again. Scott is a bit concerned about the safety of the Tuamotu Islands. The winds can\’t be too strong to anchor at those low lying atolls. We have had more wind than predicted the past 2 weeks. Just have to wait & see. The diving there is supposed to be really good, but conditions have to be right.

After breakfast we snorkeled to wipe the slime & marine growth off the waterline of \”Beach House\”. Sure glad we don\’t have a bigger boat! It was great to be back in the water, even just on snorkel & get some exercise. We saw a stingray & some fish under our boat. We will definitely dive at the island after next, Nuka Hiva. For now we are just soaking up the tranquil environment here, reading, writing & catching up on some small boat projects. We expect David & Mary to pull in before dark. Not inspired to cook as it is 90 degrees, but may try to whip something up so I can invite them over for dinner tonight or tomorrow. Having one day blend into the next is the best part of retirement.

Later, we ended up having an international happy hour on the beach around sunset. David, British with Mary Scottish. Graham & Karen of New Zealand. Richard French with a Brazilian wife Semia of catamaran \”Azizzah\”. Scott & I tried our best to speak some French to them, but thankfully their English was better than our French. A good time was had by all.

Cindy & Scott