The Wedding

25 August 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

The reason we were on such a forced march to get to Bali was to attend Nikki\’s daughter\’s wedding here on this date. \”Mum\” was of course nervous, but who wouldn\’t be? We arrived early at the Royal Santrian Hotel in Nusa Dua. The venue was lovely, the place seemed to have few guests which made it quite private for the wedding party.

Hollie, the bride was of course absolutely gorgeous in her stunning gown and groom, Adam was dashing as well. Both wedding parties were beautiful and handsome as expected, with Nikki\’s son Jak as one of the groomsmen.

All the extended families were there, Hollie\’s Dad Neil, Adam\’s Dad Terry with current and former spouses. I was of course consort to the \”Mum\”….:-)

The wedding was really fab, we got some good photos (as Nikki would not see the official ones for several months….she\’s off sailing don\’t you know!). Isobel – (Izzie), Nikki\’s niece arrived from the UK for the event and seemed to have a great time, staying a few nights aboard \”Beach House\”. Izzie took the photo of the day with Hollie gazing into Adam\’s eyes on the beach. One day!… will get posted.

Sorry that we don\’t have any photos up at this time, but I think that won\’t happen till the season\’s end…..:-(

Adam and Hollie came aboard \”Beach House\” a few days after the wedding for a tour and afternoon with Nikki and Izzie, hugs and kisses all around.

More touring and some getting ready for the big trip to South Africa for us. Stand by!

KIT, Scott and Nikki