Viani Bay, Savusavu and Farewell Sandrine……

Dear F&F, August 13th to 17th…

We went directly from Kathryn\’s Bay on Rabi to The White Wall at Viani Bay. Anja and I felt we hadn\’t had enough diving lately and wanted to go to a known winner. It was so calm I felt comfortable anchoring near the site and we took the dinghy and tied up to the buoy at the White Wall. The buoy was about 10 feet deep, but we had it locked in on the GPS in the dinghy so we just tied off to it.

It was spectacular! THE BEST we\’d seen it. We were enthused. Jack was with another catamaran and waved hello. We stayed the night and Jack went with us the next day. Another two dives on the White Wall would be our last. The first dive, I took the still camera (see photo gallery) and the current was RIPPING!

Yesterday we\’d done \”four laps\” of the site. Today, only one and slowly as we were getting pushed pretty hard underwater. Between dives, a bit of moisture had condensed inside the camera\’s dome on the housing. The second dives photos suffered because of it. The current was thankfully much less.

We stayed the night and the next day sailed all the way to Savusavu. It was the first time we\’d brought out the spinnaker this season; it was over a year since I\’d last flown it.

We arrived to find Joan and Chuck from s/v \”Tender Spirit\” and Alene of s/v \”Migration\” in harbor. Bruce was called away back to Los Angeles for a family emergency.

We shopped, re-fueled and got ready to move on to our next dive adventure at Namena Diving Reserve 20 miles to our southwest en-route back to Western Fiji.

Sandrine had decided she needed to move on and took the Ferry back to Suva the night of the 17th. We wish her well and know she will enjoy the rest of her stay in Fiji before returning home to Hawaii in the Fall.

More adventures to be sure… Scott and Anja….Farewell Sandrine!