We\’re Getting Close…..

We\’re Getting Close…..

23 October 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

Last night was a beautiful sail. The seas at only 2 meters, long and pretty smooth. The wind has been around 17-20 knots just aft the port beam, but we\’re able to carry our genoa winged out to weather on the pole. We\’re starting to see lots of birds (getting close to land). I\’ve never seen more flying fish than on this trip. My first job of the day is to remove them from the deck. Yesterday, I had 10 to throw back.

We just moved our clocks again to +4 on UTC (Greenwich); were getting closer in longitude to the Western European and US World\’s.

Interestingly, I\’ve been able to listen to the Presidential Debates on the BBC!

We\’ve 360 miles from the \”top\” of Madagascar, another 100 from there to where we\’ll check in at Nose Be (Big Island). The weather looks to be good and maybe getting a bit lighter from here to Madagascar. We should arrive on our Thursday morning and hopefully going around the top won\’t be too bumpy. The \”top\” has a notorious reputation for standing waves and big currents. The strategy for others who\’ve gone before us is to stay very close to the beach and get around quickly. The other side (West side), is supposed to be nice and calm. We shall see?!….

Short blog today, not much to report other than the back to back 197 mile days. Day 6 run – 197 miles.

KIT, Scott and Sleeping Celestial Navagatrix-Nikki